Childhood dream house

For many years I’ve had a vague memory of a small toy I once played with at a neighbor’s house; I seemed to recall long plastic handles with magnets on the end with which you could manipulate small people/figures inside a house.  I had no idea what this toy was called or where it came from — and there were plenty of times I thought I must have imagined the whole thing!

So imagine my surprise when, browsing through a shop full of knick-knacks in Old Sacramento, I came upon a small house with some very familiar tiny rooms, plus a flagstone veranda…


The kitchen




Bedroom, with adjoining bathroom




Terrace and garage

It was such an odd feeling to stand there in the shop, with my childhood memories flooding over me!  I couldn’t afford to buy the little house, so I did the next best thing and took pictures.  I wonder if anyone else remembers this charming little house from their childhood?



    • That’s cool! I don’t remember the furniture, but I wonder about the magnets I used to move the people around inside the house. Does that ring any bells for you??


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