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Memory Monday, Week 8


Back in 1956, the Harbor Queen was a familiar site on San Francisco Bay and a very hot tourist attraction.  The Red and White Fleet had its origins all the way back in 1892 — travelers and commuters relied on the ferry boats prior to construction of the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.  The company later expanded to tourist cruises and is still going strong these days, with updated and larger boats than the Harbor Queen pictured above.


Bay Bridge and Yerba Buena Island, from the Harbor Queen


San Francisco skyline, with Coit Tower


Freighter in San Francisco Bay




Shoreline view from the railing


The road to Playland, 1956

Playland was another major attraction in those days (you can just see the sign on the right, above).  Beginning in 1884 with a roller coaster and a concert pavilion, the amusement park evolved and grew until its peak in the 1920s.  Among the attractions were ten rides, including the Shoot-the-Chutes flume ride and the Big Dipper roller coaster.  The park began to decline in the 1960s and was eventually torn down in 1972.


Finishing off this week’s post with two images of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I never get tired of looking at this amazing structure!


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