Memory Monday: Hicks Album, Week 1

After last Monday’s teaser, I thought I should jump right in (no pun intended) with photos from early spring 2010 shot along the American River near the Foresthill Bridge. Just browsing through these images is making me impatient for spring to arrive this year — with its (hopefully) high water levels, mosquitos, and poison oak, to say nothing of the […]

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More Mendocino

This morning I realized that creating posts on my phone while away from my computer lately has led me to accidentally use the same photos more than once since Christmas. I guess my remark yesterday about still having images to share is really true — especially if I reuse the same ones over and over! So even though it’s taken […]

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Seaside in September

Cook's Beach

I haven’t been doing any hiking lately — something which I really need to remedy before long! — but happily I’m still working my way through photos shot over the past four or five months. That includes these images from southern Mendocino County. We stopped only briefly to check out the Cook’s Beach spot, which is located between Gualala and […]

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