Memory Monday, Week 13


Checking out the water flume, Wenatchee River, Washington

June 1978 — We spent a couple of days in the area around Leavenworth, Washington — this was where my mom spent the happiest part of her childhood.  This small town is surrounded by towering mountains with alpine forests, close to Lake Wenatchee and the rushing Wenatchee River (Wenatchee means “boiling water”); it’s not surprising she still loves this place.


The KOA where we stayed had a gorgeous view of the mountains…which sadly aren’t in this photo


Old bridge on the river

After driving through the beautiful Snoqualmie Pass, we made our way to Port Angeles, where we caught the ferry that carried us directly to Victoria, British Columbia. The ferry was the MV Coho, and even though it wasn’t exactly luxurious, it made a very big impression on me, and I loved every minute of this part of our trip.


Drawing near our docking area in Victoria, we caught sight of a couple of tall ships visiting from Japan, the Nippon Maru (links to a PDF) and the Kaiwo Maru. Later we’d get the chance for a closer look…


…but first, there was a lot to explore in Victoria, B.C.!


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