Moonlight Sonata


Last Saturday night I walked over to the bluffs that overlook Lake Natoma and the city of Folsom, and I waited for the full moon to rise.  I knew with my small hand-held camera I’d have trouble getting clear images.  I didn’t care — I had to at least try.


It was chilly, but I was alone in the dark and below me, the lights of the town and the Lake Natoma Crossing glowed with warmth.  I had arrived about 6:40 p.m. and tried to be patient. But I had almost convinced myself I was waiting in the wrong spot when I happened to glance up — and there it was, hanging like a big, fat pumpkin just above the foothills.


And then my camera batteries died, and all I had was my smart phone — so I used that.


No, they’re not the greatest pictures, but I’m glad I had dropped everything to venture out and was standing there, watching. The full moon on the water was magnificent.


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