Memory Monday, Week 16


Japanese Garden inside The Butchart Gardens, Victoria B.C.


On the Queen of Alberni, ferry to Vancouver, BC.  My dad took the picture on the bottom right, below, to show how hard the wind was blowing — the Canadian flag was  standing straight out.

State capitol building in Olympia, Washington.


(I apologize for the poor quality of the images — I blame equipment failure, mostly.)

Before we leave Canada behind this week, I thought I’d share a funny incident that happened while we were camping at the KOA outside Victoria. Our campsite was #1, right on the end of the row and not far from a very nice (and otherwise empty) little beach, which we decided to explore. It was Saturday evening, and we’d had a long day of walking and exploring in the beautiful city of Victoria.


I approached the rocky end of the beach and noticed a small boy’s brown jacket lying on the ground. Picking it up, I could see that the inside label had the name Alvin Thomas written on it along with his address on Mt Newton X Road. We decided we didn’t want the little boy to get in trouble for losing his jacket; so we climbed into our camper and set out to return it to the named address.

Mom said she knew where the road was, so off we went, rolling down Highway 17 toward Victoria. After a few  miles, she suddenly recalled where she’d seen that street name — we had to turn the car around and go back the way we came. It turned out that Mt Newton X Road was the street our KOA was on. The address we were looking for was on an Indian reserve… and the house was almost directly behind our camping spot! Nobody was home, so we left the little jacket hanging on the doorknob and quietly slunk back to camp.

Well, that’s it for our trip to Canada in June 1978. Next week, we’re off to San Francisco and Hearst Castle …

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