Bonus shot (now with update)


Last weekend I was out at the flea market looking through some used books; I brought home a few, including an old (empty) photo album for which I paid the grand sum of $1.

Today I decided to transfer some of my old prints into my “new” album… and I found the above photo in one of the sleeves. I don’t know where or when it was taken, although my guess is maybe somewhere in Washington State?

Anyway, it’s kind of a cool image, and I hope the person who took it isn’t missing it too badly.

UPDATE: I can now tell you where this photo was taken!

After closely examining with a magnifying glass, I made out a street sign on the right said “Grant.” I searched in Google Street View for any Masonic temples on or near Grant Street and came up with the location of the photo — Ketchikan, Alaska!

The Masonic Temple shown faces Front Street (Grant runs along the far side of the building) and is directly across the street from where the cruise ships dock.

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