From under the weather


The theme this week for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is View from the Back, Bottom, or Underneath.

You can take photos of anything as long as we are seeing the back, underneath or bottom.  I have always found flower backs to be fascinating.  The back of a statue instead of the typical front or side views.  The tail lights of cars.  Have fun with this challenge.


The underside of my version of Azzu’s Shawl

Since I managed to come down with a head cold on the first day of spring (after not getting sick all winter), I figure this week’s theme is pretty appropriate for the way I’m feeling right now! But luckily I was still healthy a few days ago, and I took the images below with this very challenge in mind.


These condos sit on Folsom Bluffs, between the American River bike trail and the river canyon. From the dirt horse trail, you can look directly up at the bottom side of the building. I’m sure it must be a wonderful place to live, with awesome views in all directions — but the thought of living atop all those stilts would make me a bit nervous.



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