Memory Monday, Week 26


Snake River Canyon, Idaho

Back in December of 1992, I took a road trip with the Big Guy and his parents from Northern California through Nevada and Idaho to Missoula, Montana, to spend Christmas with my sister-in-law. We traveled in a rented minivan (crammed full of presents and trip supplies), and it took us two full days to reach our destination.

Of course, now I wish I had taken more — and better — photos, but luckily, I did bring along my notebook and scribbled a few things down as we headed north.


The house, a few miles south of Missoula — with Bitterroot Mountains to the west, Sapphire Mountains to the east.


Main Street in Missoula is home to an eye-catching sculpture titled “Cattin’ Around.” Above is a not-very-good picture of it from the side. I wasn’t prepared to stand in the middle of the street for a better angle.


The lovely Feather


The Big Guy and his dad

Next week I’ll have a few more images from the trip, and a few words about our crazy snow-filled journey home.

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