Return to Mississippi Bar


As summer approaches and the daytime temperatures in the Sacramento Valley start to soar, it’s time for me to practice some serious discipline — rolling out of bed while it’s still dark outside, downing a quick protein shake and a piece of fruit, and heading outdoors while the air is still cool enough to make me shiver. It’s much easier said than done — although I’m pretty sure that delivery of a new camera will soon add motivation!

This week I was lucky to have a cool, overcast morning, so I returned to Mississippi Bar. I tend to avoid it in the warmest weather; there’s just too many rocks and high weeds where rattlesnakes like to hide. At the same time, the rehabilitated landscape is so diverse that there’s always something new waiting to be discovered.


Hidden pond



It’s been awhile since I hiked here, and I’d forgotten how much I love this place. I foresee some early mornings in my future!




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