Memory Monday, Week 28


“Templo y Presidencia,” Matehuala

Whenever my dad traveled to Mexico in the summer time and I stayed home, he always made sure to send me a postcard or two. In August 1973 he sent the above image of  Matehuala — one of my favorite towns we had visited — and wrote: “Just a few lines to say Hi and tell you I’m in San Luis Potosi. I went to the mercado today and helped buy food for the team to eat…”


“Vista al Boulevard,” Leon

A few days later he mailed a card from Leon: “We had a TV program this morning on Channel 10 but I didn’t participate as I haven’t gotten my coat yet. I sat in the bus and read a story to Lisa and Gina [Frank Gonzales’ daughters]. There was a clown there and he came on a little too strong for Lisa and he just petrified her. He sure felt bad about it and we finally had to take her out of the studio. I hope you are keeping our plants watered during the hot spell.”


“Fuente del Parque Alcade, Guadalajara,” Jalisco, Mexico

The next year, in August 1974, his post card came from Guadalajara. “Mother tells me you are doing a fine job helping out at home. We spent about 3 hours at the mercado this morning with the kids but I wasn’t able to get too much as I was kept busy haggling for other people. I hope to get back to do some more shopping before I leave.”


“Calle de Morelos,” Monterrey

In July 1975 I received this card: “I have been very busy as I am the only male intepreter besides Frank. We have four women interpreters. The weather is nice — it only rained once when we were on the way to Saltillo; in fact, it rained out our prison and plaza services.”


“Monumento a Don Benito Juarez,” Torreon

This last post card isn’t actually from my dad; it was sent to me by a school classmate who was visiting Mexico during the late 1970s. I can’t be sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve actually been to this spot. Just looking at the plaza with statue and palm trees evokes memories of many such places in Mexico!

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