American summer


Next Tuesday will be the Fourth of July — summer undeniably is upon us. Years ago, The Big Guy and I used to walk or bike down to the shore of Lake Natoma after dark every July 4th to watch the grand finale fireworks display above the Folsom Rodeo. For some reason, lately it’s become too much trouble to stay up that late; we’re getting old and boring, I suppose! Maybe this year I’ll break out of the rut of laziness and go enjoy the show again.

Regarding the changes to the look of my blog, I’m trying something new, so please bear with me. For the past two years, I made it my goal to reach the place where I could use WordAds, although I scarcely believed I could ever manage to reach that height. Now I’m there, and while I’m excited, I also have mixed feelings about adding advertising to my blog. I’m hoping it won’t detract too much — but if I feel that it does, I may have to let it go. We’ll see.



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