Early mornings are for the birds


One of the best things about getting out for my hike by 6 AM is that I see and hear more birds. Like the mockingbird above — he was so busy singing his heart out he didn’t notice me at first. He looked a bit surprised, then decided it was time to move his concert elsewhere.

I still haven’t decided whether I want to get out and hike for exercise or take my tripod along, set it up somewhere and wait to see what comes along. Thus far I’ve been lucky to get my bird photos on the move, but I know that’s not ideal for wildlife photography. I’m just not sure I have enough patience to sit in one spot!



  1. A good picture of a wood pecker. I was not sure of the kind. Loved the merganser picture also. I have not seen one in Texas. Enjoy all your pictures. Thanks, Hollis

    • Thanks! I have a good tripod, but it’s heavy to carry around. Most of the time I brace against a tree or a rock, or I use the stick I carry with me as a monopod. 🙂

  2. I carry my camera on my walk and hope for steady hands when scenes are attracting me. Last night was the only time I used tripod to take the photos of the moon since I zoomed into the closest possible!

    • I often do the same thing; thank goodness for Image Stabilization! I took some moon photos with my small Fuji camera a few months ago, but after seeing your lovely images it reminded me I want to pull out the tripod and try again with my new camera. 🙂

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