B is for…


Bronze leaves and a Beige/Brown bridge

The theme of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Colors That Start With the Letter B.

You can always use adjectives and adverbs with a specific topic just make sure you give us the word that fits the requirements of this challenge.  Feel free to use your native language as your inspiration for this challenge, just please give us the word in your language and the english translation.  Use your imagination for this theme.

I’ve never had a very good eye for color matching, so for this challenge I had the “brilliant” idea to search Google for some color inspiration. It’s amazing, and a bit overwhelming, to see how many colorful names have been created by various entities, including Crayola and Pantone. I decided to choose a few colors from a site called facts.co — and oh my, was it educational. Did you know there’s apparently a color called “brown-nose”?

Blonde girls at the farmer’s market, and one is wearing a Burgundy top:

This fisherman is wearing a Blue windbreaker — but is the shade Blueberry or Bleu de france?

There are a lot of B colors in this image! I believe her blouse matches Beau blue, but the bricks in the background range from Burnt umber to Burnt Sienna; don’t you agree?

This hollyhock is the very definition of Bright pink… or maybe Barbie pink. I can’t decide.

(I just noticed that many of my color choices match up with the ones Cee mentioned as examples — purely by accident, I promise!)


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