The Adventure Continues… Sutter’s Fort


Sutter’s Fort diorama

This week I wanted to share an episode from California’s Golden Parks, another series that Huell Houser created. This is another occasion when Huell gets a chance to go a bit deeper and see things most visitors might never get a chance to see and hear stories that don’t often get told.

In fact, as you’ll see in the episode, one of the most popular items in the Sutter’s Fort collection is Patty Reed’s doll; on the day I visited the fort, I looked in the doll display case and found only a sign informing me that the doll was temporarily removed for restoration. So I was pleased to be able to get a look at it thanks to this video.


Sometimes you need to look under the surface to find the real
treasures at a state park. Huell travels to Sacramento to Sutter’s
Fort State Historic Park to get a behind the scenes look at some of
the gems that are stashed away in the parks large archive. From
Native American artifacts to a doll from the original Donner Party,
this is a wonderful example of the many treasures that our state
parks hold.


(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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