Memory Monday, Week 52


Darryl at Royer Park, Roseville

Believe it or not, it’s been a full year since I began this series; you can find my first Memory Monday post here, sharing a family trip through Minnesota, South Dakota, and the Grand Tetons of Wyoming.


At Grandma’s house, 1953

Just as I was beginning to run out of steam and thinking about retiring the series, my mom managed to dig up a bunch more slides, many of them dating back more than 60 years. She’s asked me to organize and share them, so I’m starting with the earliest ones, from the 1950s, and I’ll work my way forward from there to several boxes of images from Mexico (that’s right, the eventual return of Mexico Monday). Not all of these slides are labeled or even dated, and some of the images leave me with more questions than answers! But I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I am.


Mom and Dad looking very young


At Grandma’s house, 1958


My uncle Darryl on a ride at Royer Park


1958 — Trying to do the splits, or just posing?


Grandma’s front yard, 1953


Fleishacker Zoo, San Francisco, 1959


Sisters, cousins, and uncles at Grandma’s house, 1958


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