Memory Monday, Week 53


Washington Monument and reflecting pool from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Washington D.C., 1957 — Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the White House and I Love Lucy was in its final season on TV when my mom and dad along with my eldest sister visited the nation’s capital in 1957. They were undertaking a pretty epic road trip that began with my mom and sister taking the train from California to meet up with my dad in Chicago; from there they traveled to Detroit to pick up their brand new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere, after which they did a brief driving tour of the East Coast and eventually headed back to California.

Although I wasn’t born for another four years, I would love to have been along on that trip and to see the sites they visited. As it is, I have to content myself with the few photographs my dad shot along the way.

IMG_0002 (2)

A glimpse at the brand new 2-door hardtop Plymouth Belvedere

By the way, when I told the Big Guy about the Belvedere, he took time out from watching a Mecum classic car auction on TV to do a search on Google — and quickly decided he would love to have that car right now.

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