The Adventure Continues… Underground Old Sacramento


Original street level photo on display at Sacramento History Museum

Long ago I wrote a short essay for a college English class in which I included a few details about the raising of the Sacramento streets during the 1860s. I’m fairly sure I’d heard the story from a tour guide at the historic Governor’s Mansion, but because I couldn’t cite a primary source for the information my instructor seemed to feel I’d made the whole thing up!

These days, the Sacramento History Museum proudly offers an underground tour of Old Sacramento, and I’ve been excited to check it out — even though I’m disappointed that no photography is allowed on the tour. I’m very happy that this episode of California’s Golden Parks provides us with a glimpse into the dark tunnels that were once the bustling streets of Gold Rush era Sacramento.

Sacramento has a unique feature that many residents are unaware of: a city underneath a city. Huell Howser goes below the city of Sacramento to explore the remaining historic sidewalks, doorways and building relics that were all part of the original downtown area before flooding moved the entire city upstairs one level. Huell gets a special tour of this restricted and mysterious area.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)


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