A touch of white


In the midst of some unsettled weather yesterday afternoon, we had a cold rainstorm (in which I got drenched walking home from work!) and even a little bit of snow. Snow isn’t completely unheard of at this elevation (240 ft/73 m above sea level) but it’s certainly a rare event.

In fact, at first I thought it was merely hail; but after pausing long enough to take a few pictures while the Big Guy and I were trying to get my car covered up, I’m fairly sure these are some scattered snowflakes rather than hail or sleet.


The precipitation lasted only about 15 minutes before the dark clouds passed and the sun came out.


The trailing edge of the storm

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  1. Nice, Hope neither of you fell. We have had only rain but ice on the trees within five miles. My fountain froze. Any news about Barry’s operation? Love , Dad

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