Memory Monday, Week 75


Not sure who he is, but this is a very nice snapshot portrait

This week, I’m starting in on the photos of my dad’s fellow servicemen — although unfortunately he didn’t record their names anywhere. And some of the prints are really tiny, like 2 x 2.75 inches. The majority though are 3.25 x 2.75 inches or 4.25 x 3 inches in size. Makes me remember how far print photography has come even during my lifetime!

It’s great seeing images of the servicemen interacting with very happy local kids, especially considering that a mere 5 years earlier, our countries were at war with each other.



Unidentified again, but a lovely background — and I keep thinking the guy in the truck looks like a young Andy Griffith!


Check out the dog standing at attention on the right — everyone else is “at ease”

Next week, I’ll have more posed photos like the ones below; again, I can’t identify these guys, but I’m sure they were excellent young servicemen!



    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the pictures. My big regret is that my dad’s not here to answer all the questions I have. Still, it’s so cool to see all these little bits of history tucked away. I’m sure your photos are fascinating too!

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