Memory Monday, Week 101

While we’re still waiting on cleanup and repairs to the bike trail after the blockage caused by the winter storms of early 2017, here’s a look back at some previous damage I had nearly forgotten about. Back in January 1995, I took a stroll with the Big Guy and our friend Dan to check out the aftereffects of a big storm. On that occasion, the heavy rains flooded Gold Creek and came cascading down toward Negro Bar. There was collapse along the edge of Greenback Lane (on the bluffs above the state park), and a wide portion of the bike trail  was washed away.

The edge of Greenback Lane sliding away; view from Negro Bar, Jan 1995

Gold Creek washout, January 1995

New culverts in the repaired section of bike trail — January 2017

New culverts draining Gold Creek runoff during storm, February 2017

Gold Creek races toward Lake Natoma, February 2017

The rest of January 1995’s storm damage was comparitively minor and was cleaned up pretty quickly. Our bike trail along the edge of Lake Natoma is a wonderful resource, but I don’t think we fully appreciate it until something bad happens!

January 1995

January 2019 — now the damage is much more serious, out of sight around the corner

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