Memory Monday, Week 111

Well, I promise that I’m serious about moving onto other things for my Monday posts (I have at least one idea I like quite a lot). At the same time, I felt I really needed to re-scan the earlier ones from my family’s 1959 trip through South Dakota and Wyoming as a personal project — and the results are so much better than my first efforts that I wanted to share them, at least for this week.

September 1959

It proves that I should have spent money on a decent scanner long ago! The colors are much more rich and clear, and I don’t have any of the edges accidentally cut off. Let me demonstrate what I mean by comparing a few more of the images from Memory Monday, Week 1:

Grand Tetons before…

… and after

Enjoying the lake, September 1959

Now, I’m sure not all of the re-scanned slides will look quite this good, but I’m definitely encouraged to continue my project. I may have to break down and share some of them in the future. It’s so great to see these images looking the way they were meant to appear! And please excuse me if I get a little bit carried away showing off with a slide show this week…

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