Macro Monday, Week 3

Briza maxima, also known as rattlesnake grass

You may have noticed that I haven’t been doing much with Macro Monday lately; well, that’s because I’ve been playing around with super close-up photography and trying to decide precisely what sort of subjects I want to shoot — and I haven’t been all that impressed with my results thus far. So rather than trying to make my cameras do stuff they’re not meant to do (like producing microscopic images of common household objects), I’ve decided it would be a lot more fun to turn my focus (pun intended) back to nature. This week I’m sharing some of my favorite close-up images shot on Mississippi Bar back in May 2017.

California poppy in the morning

Dichelostemma volubile, AKA twining snake lily

Purple milk thistle

Pipevine swallowtail caterpillar


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