Silent witness

I only noticed this rather sad sight as I was about to leave Anderson Ranch SHP after my hike to the ridge and back. When I had arrived in the morning, the park’s gate wasn’t yet open, so I left my car along the side of nearby Anderson Ranch Parkway. At the end of this short street sits the Lake County Department of Social Services; the lone chimney sits on a hill across from the park entrance, just a stone’s throw from the county office complex.

Despite my best efforts searching Google, I can’t seem to find any information about the house that once stood on the site. I know that the Lower Lake area has endured more than one wildfire siege in recent years, but this appears to have been an isolated structure fire (and hopefully everyone got out, safe and sound!). And after looking at Google Street View, it’s clear that the house was still standing in May 2012.

It looks like it was quite a lovely spot, well shaded by mature trees and nearly invisible from passersby! What a pity that the only thing is left is a blackened field and a brick chimney — and so many questions…

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