Memory Monday slides redux, Week 9

This week, a few more scenes from Lake Tahoe plus a couple from Donner Summit. I’m including a couple of images of Lake Tahoe’s waters that I previously skipped over because the prior scans didn’t exactly work out.

My mom with Muggsy; a matching picture featuring my dad wound up on a different slide carousel

In my original post I included a few notes about the history of US 40 — now Interstate 80 — seen, above, winding past Donner Lake as viewed from the Rainbow Bridge (sorry, no pictures of the bridge, but you’ll see a great post card image if you scroll down on this page). Another interesting historical note: these photographs were taken in mid 1951, and only a few months later the area was hit by one of the worst winter storms on record.

During the winter of 1951-52, vicious snowstorms pummeled the region for months on end. The relentless storms pounded hard-working transportation and railroad crews into submission, and ultimately closed down all travel over Donner Summit for weeks. Winter weather began before Halloween that year, and by Jan. 1, 1952, nearly 23 feet of snow had buried Donner Pass. Locals and travelers were overwhelmed, but the Storm King was just getting started — Tahoe Daily Tribune

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