Confluence and the Buddha at John C. Fremont Park

Confluence,” two large-scale sculptures as a tribute to 19th century explorer and mapmaker, John C. Fremont. Each sculpture is over 96″ high x 40″ circumference and weighs 2,000 pounds. Clay and specialty cement plus found objects cover the surface, showcasing the natural and cultural resources of the Sacramento region, from Fremont’s time to our time.

This is a buddha that is missing its arms resting on a small elephant. The elephant’s trunk seems buried in the dirt. Why would a buddha sit on a baby elephant? The casting bronze seems to have been sculpted in Singapore and brought to Sacramento in 1998. The Taiwanese artist is Jun Tsun-Tsun Lai, born in 1953. It is called Genuine Void and Subtle Possession, and it seems to depict the ultimate Zen stage of Nirvana.

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