Memory Monday slides redux, Week 22


My images this week date from 1956 and 1957. Although most of them were labeled with dates, I’m not always sure of the locations — like my first three photos, which seem to have been shot at the same spot. I’d love to think they were in the area of the Nimbus Dam (those hills in the background look very similar!) but I have some serious doubts. My search for images from the early days of Lake Natoma and the Nimbus Dam came up empty.

Backyard at Grandma’s house, 1956

Jumping ahead to December 1957 — these were all shot when my dad was working at what was then McClellan Air Force Base, and my family lived in the area of Watt Avenue in Sacramento. And by the way, I’m happy to say I still own most of the glass Christmas bulbs hanging in the tree in this picture.

Christmas 1957

TV Westerns were hugely popular in the late 1950s, so maybe that explains the next two photos! A few years later, my sister’s brand new rocking horse, Cocoa, was handed down to yours truly (as later images will prove), although I don’t think I ever had a cowgirl outfit.

Mom’s sewing machine (in its case) is sitting on the desk in the background

Next week, it’s on to 1958 and 1959…


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