Memory Monday slides redux, Week 42

The Empress Hotel — very big, historic, impressive

June 1978 — I originally shared these images in February 2017; that earlier post also includes more details about our first day in Victoria.

After only an hour on the Coho, we arrived in Victoria, B.C. At that time it wasn’t necessary for us to carry visas, and we passed through customs in no time at all. I did remark in my “Travelogue” that — unlike in the U.S. — Canadian law required us to use our seatbelts, with fines of up to $100 for violators, “so that means we buckle up!”

Crossing Puget Sound on the Coho under cloudy skies

Tall ships in Victoria’s harbor

Red double-decker buses and images of the Queen — a teenage Anglophile’s heaven!

Queen Victoria before the Parliament building

1936 Rolls Royce near the Royal London Wax Museum

Lobby of the wax museum; this was as far as we went

Entrance to the Provincial Museum

Next week, we visit the tall ships and explore beautiful Butchart Gardens!

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