Memory Monday, Week 112

I’m taking a break this week from the slides; instead, I’m looking back at a few old prints from the 1970s that were among some of the first photographs I ever shot. I’m so glad now that I still have these, since they depict the area around the house where I grew up and spent so many hours playing. The landscape has undergone a few changes since I took these pictures, so it’s great to be able to remind myself how it used to be.

Summer 1972:

Looking up the road from our house; we lived on a dead-end, so there usually wasn’t much traffic

Bottlebrush plant, and a glimpse at the farm next door

Crepe myrtle (front), with a quince bush in the right background where Valley quail liked to hide

Summer 1974:

The same crepe myrtle from the opposite angle

In the back yard, Sascha poses beside a hanging fuchsia

Our property was formerly an almond orchard, and we harvested nuts from the trees, including those behind this fence

Summer 1979:

Pastures and farmland next door


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