Mexico Monday redux, Week 1

Near the Mercado Libertad, Guadalajara

Even though I know there exists one more carousel full of family slides (from the 1980s) to share with you, due to current events I haven’t gotten round to visit my Mom and pick them up. I’ve known this for quite awhile — but it only occurred to me the other day that I do have on my hands a few boxes of Mexico slides sitting here waiting to be re-scanned. My slides this week date from the summer of 1970, although it’s tough for me to organize most of the collection since the majority are unlabeled. Still, I’m excited to see how much better they look compared to the first time around with my previous scanner. To see what I’m talking about, check out Mexico Monday, Week 20, from January 2018.

With a friend in front of the Guadalajara home/church we called “the lemon factory”

On the hills above Zacatecas

Bull arena, Queretaro

Mom driving our VW camper along a toll road between Queretaro and Guadalajara

Colima, with our VW bus in the background

With friends in Mexico City; my Mom is on the right; my sister in blue, standing; I’m on the left

Walking to the mercado (market) with Mom; Colonia Romero Rubio, Mexico City


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