Return to Salmon Falls

Earlier this week I returned with the Big Guy to the Sweetwater Creek area of the South Fork of the American River to continue our explorations of the Folsom Lake shoreline. We parked by the side of the road and quickly found a great trail that paralleled the creek for a ways. But the lake levels have risen quite a lot since our last outing, and our trail soon disappeared underwater; we were forced to forge our way through the soggy tall grass, and it wasn’t long before my boots were completely soaked.

Sweetwater Creek wasn’t nearly so wide when I waded across in late April

Flooded trail

Purple Lupine

We couldn’t believe our luck — we had the entire place to ourselves for nearly three hours. At first we thought it was because we’d arrived before 8 in the morning; but eventually we decided that everyone else probably waited for the rainstorms to pass and the sun to emerge before venturing outside.

Submerged Willow trees

So glad I don’t need to wade across!

The sun comes out as we head back to the truck

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