Mexico Monday redux, Week 5

Savoy Restaurant — conveniently located between a Pemex gas station and a mechanic’s garage

We stopped in so many different places along the way in our travels from the various border crossings (Ciudad Juarez, Nogales, Laredo) to Mexico City and back. The highways were often long, narrow, and lacking in interesting scenery — at least from my childish perspective. On the city streets we drove over bumpy cobblestones and the dreaded speedbumps known as “topos.” Again, the signs and billboards can sometimes provide helpful hints when my memory lets me down.

This may have been a restaurant or a motel we visited in 1971

We’re parked across the street from a city plaza and in front of a shoe store (zapateria) and Casa Villareal, a furniture store (muebleria)

Another Pemex station

Another strong impression is of the hundreds of miles Frank Gonzales’ group traveled in those short weeks each July and August, both by large bus and in individual cars. We frequently caravanned in a motley collection of sports cars, vans or station wagons, pickup trucks with camper shells, and of course Frank’s large bus — from my previous post in January 2018

Team bus and cars

Visiting a vocational school

The sign says, “CONASUPO warehouse, for the small business”

A 1970 Camaro and a uniformed guard watching from above

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