Mexico Monday redux, Week 6

With our host family’s dog, 1972

My collection of slides from Mexico, especially the ones kept in boxes, have been shuffled and reshuffled so many times that sometimes it’s tough to figure out their proper sequence. So I’m always happy when I can discover images that clearly belong together. This week I have a few examples of paired images — including one slide that’s a repeat from last week’s post.

Last week I wrote that this picture was shot from a city plaza — actually, it’s a boulevard in the middle of a busy street…

… as you can see from this slide which I found in a different box

Visiting a state school in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

View of the entrance with sign

Frank Gonzales (right) with the group in a restaurant, 1973

Pausing at the side of a Mexican highway

And sometimes I may not know where or when the photos were taken but they still sort of belong together, like the ones below. It never took long to draw a crowd of curious, happy kids whenever the team started telling stories and playing music on the street.

Monterrey, 1972

Monterrey, 1972

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