Memory Monday, Week 127

July 1979 — It was only a couple more days until Independence Day, and my mom, dad, and I were on the last leg of our Canadian road trip, making our way toward home. After leaving Portland, we drove east along the Columbia River as far as the Cascade Locks, where we planned to spend the night. Not too far away was Multnomah Falls, and we thoroughly enjoyed taking in the view as well as hiking partway up the trail to the head of the falls.

I think this may be Mt Adams

Columbia River from the Oregon side

Next day, we headed farther east to The Dalles, where we turned south on 197. According to my vacation journal, I found this a “long boring drive that took most of the day.” I’m fairly sure my mom shot the group of images below during this stretch of the trip, but I haven’t yet identified the locations.

Back in August 2017, I wrote about the adventure of sleeping at the Corral Springs Campground so I won’t repeat it here. Our trip was drawing to a close, but there was still one very important stop before we left Oregon, and that was Crater Lake.  Below, the first of my mom’s gorgeous shots of Crater Lake, with more to come next week.

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