Cove and creek

It would be almost impossible to find a spot along Gerstle Cove that isn’t breathtakingly beautiful. We explored only the south end of this fairly large cove, so I’m certain there was much more great scenery we didn’t manage to see on this day. For me, part of the beauty was the wild surf. We had arrived at the Sonoma Coast to find a king tide, and during our stay the ocean was surprisingly rough, with powerful waves crashing high up against the rocky cliffs. It made fishing difficult for the Big Guy, but I had a great time shooting pictures of the foamy seas.

We also explored a bit further south, clambering across a dry creek and up to the bluffs on the other side — more spectacular views. We pretty much had the entire place to ourselves on this windy, somewhat chilly November day.

Panorama shot with my Fujifilm camera


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