Another San Francisco flashback

I’m actually sort of shocked to realize how many photos of San Francisco I have in my archives that I’ve never shared on the blog! For example, the image above, taken inside Fort Point in November 2018 — I found it by accident, lurking in my WordPress image library but never published. I guess I really need to go back through my collection and get better organized.

Mile Rock Beach, August 2019

Hyde Street Pier, August 2016

Eppleton Hall, with Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point in the background

Tug Hercules, 2016, with Alcatraz in background (right)

Stockton Street Tunnel, August 2017

I dug out my photos of the Stockton Street Tunnel after reading an article recently describing how this iconic spot has appeared in at least three big Hollywood movies — the most classic was The Maltese Falcon (1941). I didn’t realize any of that when I took my photos, I just fell in love with the look of the place.


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