Across the creek

A piece of broken plywood acted as a bridge

These days it’s especially tough to find places within walking distance of my house where I can wander without constantly bumping into a parade of other folks. It wasn’t so long ago that the winter months were much quieter, and I could easily find peace and quiet if I just ventured away from the paved bike path. So it was a great relief when I found I had the south side of Snipes Creek all to myself one afternoon. Although there’s a row of houses in plain view just up the hill, this bank isn’t nearly as popular as the northern side. It’s much more overgrown, with no direct access to Lake Natoma. And while the north bank shines brightly in the sun, this area huddles secretly in the shadows. On a cold winter day, this lonely place feels a little bit spooky — but in a good way!

The rocky creek bed is mostly dry and nearly hidden

Ghostly bridge through the branches (center right)

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    • Cheers, Laura! I guess we all need someplace to escape to for awhile, now and then. Glad I was able to help. 🙂

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