Memory Monday, Week 135

Beach near Redwoods, 1958

Going through my family’s old slides can be a real adventure — I never know what I might find or if I’ll be able to sort out where each image belongs in relation to the other photos. Most of this week’s slides surfaced only recently, so I’m again discovering story fragments that I hope to piece together. I’m always delighted to see notations written on the slide frame (though some are more helpful than others); in the absence of that sort of hint, I’m often reduced to comparing dates and exposure numbers stamped in various colors of ink.

San Francisco

Last month I shared a few photos of the area around Shasta and Red Bluff in the early 1950s; this week’s slides date from 1956 and 1958. You may recall last week’s post featured a harbor cruise in San Diego; this week, I’m starting off with a cruise on San Francisco’s Harbor Queen.

Bay Bridge from Harbor Queen, 1956

Treasure Island, 1956; I haven’t been able to positively identify the ship

Taken from Harbor Queen, 1956

Another visit to The City, this one in 1958, along with family friends the Repshaws.

Harbor Queen, SF — 1958

And here’s an example of what I mean about piecing the stories together: I’ve shared a couple of these pictures from a camping trip to the Redwoods before, namely in September 2019, but I wanted to put them in their proper context with the newly found slides.

Camping with the Repshaws at Burlington Redwoods, 1958

A rather blurry shot of Andy Repshaw with my sisters

Andy, Helen, and their son Mark

Roasted marshmellows, yum!

Lunch on the beach

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