A vintage game bird

Recently one of my occasional pastimes has been browsing eBay to see if I can spot any toys or games from my childhood. This game was a Christmas present one year, maybe around the early 1970s; I’m certain my parents had a great time laughing at me as I shook the gift-wrapped box and puzzled over the crazy rattling sounds coming from inside!

I had never heard of Chicken Lotto at the time, but my family did have a lot of fun playing the game! The “eggs” were pea-sized hard plastic balls that came in a number of different colors. I’m not sure they would be considered safe for kids these days as they might be a choking hazard. They were loaded into the hen via a hole in the chest area; then her tail was moved up and down to release them, and they would roll out of a hole in the bottom of the nest.

I wonder if there’s anybody else out there who remembers this particular game from their childhood?

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