Memory Monday, Week 159

I may have mentioned before that one of my pastimes is trolling through the vintage toys offered on eBay to see if I can spot any toys I used to play with in my childhood; in fact, I shared one of my previous finds back in February 2021 (see A Vintage game bird). It’s rare for me to actually find anything noteworthy — but the Prehistoric dinosaur set, produced by the Marx toy company,  brings back some very special memories of playing at my grandma’s house. She had a special closet full of toys and games, and even though quite a few of the dinosaurs and some of the people were missing by the time I got my hands on them, I still had fun setting up the landscape and creating another world on the livingroom rug.

Another memory, from when I was a little older and everyone had started talking about Tupperware and having Tupperware parties. Besides selling all sorts of plastic food containers, they also had a few toys — including the Eggsters!

I do remember playing with them a few times, although I don’t think they held my interest for too long. I also can’t help noting that the small pieces included in this toy set — especially the eyes and the ears — would certainly be considered a choking hazard for kids nowadays.

By the way, my post is quite late today because I managed to misplace one of the photos I meant to use. In the end I had to go back to eBay and search; and it turns out there are still a few people selling these vintage Knickerbocker brand toy handbells. I’m pretty sure the set of bells I remember were hand-me-downs from my older sisters, but I remember having a lot of fun with them too.

And finally, a game that came to us via a neighborhood garage sale. I think we actually only played the game once or twice; it was a little bit like Scattergories (which came along later), if you remember that. But it felt much more sophisticated than whimsical. It felt a bit too much like school! I might like to have another go at Facts in Five now that I’m older — it might actually be fun!

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    • Thanks for commenting, Kathy! I know none of these toys aren’t valuable collectors items, but they definitely stir up old memories. It’s a good thing my house is so small or I’d end up buying them all!

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