Sportsman’s paradise

You may recall that in previous years I’ve posted photos showing the inside of the Cabela’s store in Fort Worth, Texas, as seen during my late December visits. It’s really impossible to overstate how seriously the folks in Texas feel about fishing and football; and since the Big Guy isn’t into football, we usually end up visiting the giant Cabela’s only a few miles away from his parents’ house. While he browses the merchandise, I visit the indoor aquarium and check out the extensive taxidermy displays.

The Big Guy with a largemouth caught outside his parents’ back door

Success with an artificial lure

Couldn’t resist showing off my mother-in-law’s beautiful winter pansies!

I was slightly surprised during this visit to find that I had never noticed the live trout living in the waters of the store’s “Mountain Exhibit.” I’ve admired the moose before, but apparently never looked down to see the fish swimming at its feet.

Of course the aquarium is a big draw for families with small kids, displaying both live fish in 50,000 gallon aquariums as well as taxidermy versions on the opposite wall. Each time I’m there, I try — usually in vain — to capture the fish with my camera while avoiding the reflections in the glass. I do have to say, even with the accidental reflection, I quite like the way my closeup of the enormous blue catfish turned out.

Largemouth bass

Alligator gar

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