End of the road

There’s a pretty nice entrance into Folsom Lake State Recreation Area at the eastern end of Horseshoe Bar Road (Placer County) — but only if you’re on foot. There’s no parking allowed along the road’s shoulder and no lot for cars. That’s why I had never actually seen this area until the day I hiked the two or so miles north from the parking area at Sterling Pointe Equestrian Staging Area. The other option would be to hike south from Rattlesnake Bar; if I can get around to trying that one of these days I’ll report back on the trail conditions and how far it is.

Trailhead at Horseshoe Bar

Footbridge on Pioneer Express Trail south of Horseshoe Bar Road

A large estate with vineyards surrounding, just visible through the screen of trees

I never noticed the private gravel drive just across the fence until a pickup truck went by

A shady trail

Horseshoe Bar was a townsite during the Gold Rush, with plenty of placer gold to be found

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