Memory Monday, Week 141

Last Monday, I hinted that you would be seeing slides from the 1980s starting this week — but then I remembered I still had a couple of boxes of wedding photos to dig into. So I hope you’ll bear with me as I take you back now to my mom and dad’s wedding in the spring of 1948, as well as a double wedding of close friends at around the same time.

My parents, with my dad’s sister Toni on the left and his brother Joe on the right

Esther, second from right, and my aunt Toni far left

Another wedding, with a pair of brides:

Esther on the right, Lois on the left

My parents, on the right, were still unmarried when they took part in the double wedding

Jim and Lois, Jim and Esther

Howard, my mom’s brother, in blue on the left of the group

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