Memory Monday, Week 145

1978 — Sascha poses, while Hondo cowers inside the doghouse

This week I have the last few slides showing some of our pets during 1978 through 1982. Sascha, who was part Siberian husky, came home with us when she was a fluff ball of a puppy with beautiful brown eyes. She spent most of her life outdoors, in our back yard; but she happily shared the property with Hondo, one of her pups. My dad built them a huge doghouse with a raised floor, insulated walls, and aluminum roof and siding. Hondo may have been huge, but he was very timid and submissive — and terrified of having his picture taken. It was rare to get a shot of him face-on; he always turned and ran as soon as he spotted the camera!

Hondo was about a year old in 1978 and already had big feet

Is it safe to come out yet?

Our pet Silkie rooster, named Brewster

A rescued bird sits on my mom’s shoulder in our livingroom, 1980

Besides dogs, birds, and chickens, my mom at times had a (non-venomous) pet snake in the house, including gopher snakes and even a gorgeous boa constrictor. I think this one — possibly a Western Racer — may have been a rescue from the back yard. (You can click the link if you don’t mind looking at snakes!)

Penny at about 8 weeks old, Spring 1979

Penny strides across our kitchen floor, Summer 1979

Mom with Sascha and Hondo, 1982

Next week, I’ll have some scenic shots from Tomales Bay and elsewhere along the coast in 1982.

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