Memory Monday, Week 148

The lupine superbloom at Folsom Lake is currently drawing hordes of photographers and other folks from all over Northern California, causing massive traffic jams and parking problems in an area of the lake that’s normally very quiet. But what many people overlook (thankfully, I guess) is that, even in the middle of winter, there’s always plenty of beauty to be found along the lake’s shoreline. Back in late November 1978, my mom drove out, all alone, to the Granite Bay area with her camera early on a cold and foggy Thanksgiving morning and shot these photos. Back in those days, I had never spent much time at the lake — and then only during the summer swim season. I had no idea that in a few years I would become very familiar with the landscape around Dotons Point and Beeks Bight as I wandered among the rocky outcrops of the exposed lakebed, exploring the area during numerous visits with the Big Guy.

Although my scans didn’t come out quite as good as I had hoped, I still love every one of these images for the memories they evoke and for the example my mom set in pursuing her passion for photography.

American Coots


Bald eagle

Great Blue Heron near the boat ramp, Granite Bay

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