The Adventure Continues… Yuba River

I should know better by now. Every week as I look through the list of titles in the Huell Howser archive, I have a tendency to skip over many of the place names that are unfamiliar to me. For some reason, I’ve assumed most of them were located in Southern California — so the chances that I had ever been there or would ever go were fairly small. But I’m slowly learning that Huell truly did travel all over California in search of fascinating people and stories. Here’s an episode of Golden Parks that I completely overlooked until now, highlighting a Northern California spot with gorgeous scenery and fascinating history. And it’s not too far from Grass Valley, which I’ve been exploring during my recent visits to the Empire Mine State Park!

Huell visits the south fork of the Yuba River.  The area includes the longest single-span covered bridge in the world, four miles of the steep rugged canyon of the South Yuba River, and the Independence Trail — a wheelchair accessible trail.  See water pouring over massive granite ledges, and historic toll crossings and bridges that tell a story of day-to-day life during the Gold Rush era.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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