The Adventure Continues… Beach Traditions

This episode of California’s Gold from 2003 is a new one for me; but I just had to share it this week for a few reasons. One is that I actually remember the tail end of the glory days of abalone. In fact, I may have even been lucky enough to taste it on one of my family’s trips to Fort Bragg, although sadly I would have been too young to remember the experience. Another reason I like this episode is that during our recent stay along the Mendocino Coast our accommodation was nicknamed the “Abalone Hideaway”; and a third reason is that Van Damme State Beach is only a little bit farther north than our explorations took us on this trip — so I’m anticipating getting to see it for myself before too much longer!

Huell travels up and down our coast to uncover some long-standing rituals, from an abalone barbecue to surfing lessons.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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