In Muir Woods

I’ve wanted to explore the Marin peninsula’s Muir Woods for quite a long time — it’s one of many suggested outings for visitors to San Francisco — and this week I finally took the plunge, renting a car and making a day trip out of it. And while I enjoyed both the drive and the destination, despite freeway traffic jams and the crowd of fellow park visitors, it also made me wish that I had more time to see more of the surrounding area. It may well be in my future to find a motel room or a house rental and stay in Marin for a few days. That way I might get a look at the nearby beaches, including the Muir Beach Overlook, and loads of other spots tempting to a landscape photographer. Of course, I might just have to return to Muir Woods a few more times.

Staircase on the Canopy View Trail

Fern Creek

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