Negro Bar makeover

It’s actually been a couple of months since I checked out the completed renovations at the beach/picnic area of Negro Bar State Park — but ever since I shot these images I’ve been meaning to go back through my archives and find some of my earlier photos of the area as it’s looked at various times over the past seven years. I’ve hiked through the picnic area on so many occasions; and even though I’m sure the upgrades were necessary and long overdue, I’m very glad I can look back and remember those early mornings and cold winter days when this spot was empty and undeveloped.

November 2016

September 2015

February 2017

October 2015 — Tree trimming

Old restroom building, May 2016

New restrooms from the same angle

West stairway

New shade ramada and east stairway

June 2014

View from the top of east stairway, February 2017

View from top of the east stairway, October 2021

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