Meet me at the swap meet, Part 3

The quality of merchandise at any swap meet will vary widely, and Denio’s is no exception. As you wander through the many acres of vendors’ stalls you will find brand new items of clothing, toys, tools and hardware, floor coverings, and kitchen items; you’ll also see just as many used items, in conditions ranging from pristine to one step away from the junk heap. And, unfortunately, no matter how many times I’ve watched Antiques Roadshow on PBS, I’m frequently left wondering if the piece I’ve unearthed is a cheap reproduction or a genuinely valuable treasure.

The phonograph below may be a reproduction, but I’m still curious about the wax cylinder. I didn’t even notice it when I shot the picture, and now I can’t help wondering how old it might be. Only the first two words of the song title are visible; but if the cylinder actually dates from the early Edison phonograph years, whoever buys the machine might be listening to either “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine” (1910) or “You’ll Never Know ‘Till You Get Married” (1909) right now.

I was drawn to this print because it reminds me of the Bartlett Mountains in Lake County

Instant nostalgia — this record was part of my parents’ collection in the 1960s

I thought I’d found a vintage crate label until I looked closer. The 1940s pinup image was originally used for Glamour Girl Brand California vegetables by the Half Moon Bay Growers Association


Now I know where last year’s supply of bathroom tissue went!

I’ll have one final set of images from my day at Denio’s coming up soon!

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